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Zoning & Development

To ensure alignment with the city’s zoning and development standards, all development in Yale must undergo a review by either the Zoning Administrator or Planning Commission. This page includes forms, plans, and other information to help guide anyone through the process. Any questions on the process can be directed to Lorrelei Natke, the City Manager/Zoning Administrator at 810-387-3311 or Email.

Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance consists of two parts: the zoning map which shows the designated zoning district for each parcel and the zoning text. To use the zoning ordinance:

  1. Use the zoning map to determine the zoning district of your parcel. If you are unable to determine the district, please reach out to the city for assistance.
  2. Read the zoning ordinance text to determine the allowable uses and regulations pertinent to that district. The text also includes information on the review process, parking requirements, landscaping, and more.

Conceptual Review Meetings

The city encourages anyone interested in developing in Yale to schedule a conceptual review meeting with the Zoning Administrator. Such a meeting will allow a chance to discuss the project, ensure you have the correct forms, and work through any potential concerns. Depending on your project, other topics may be discussed, such as state incentives or other permits that will be needed. All that is needed to schedule one is a general idea of your planned development and a location. To schedule a meeting, please contact the Zoning Administrator.

Zoning Review Fees

City Council has established fees related to zoning and development review which allow the city to reasonably cover the expected costs for this service. Those fees can be found here. Any applicable fees must be paid before an application is considered complete. Currently, the city accepts cash or check.


Development review forms can be found on the General Forms page under the 'Zoning' dropdown.