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Department of Public Works

Flushing DatesDPW - Copy

The tentative hydrant flushing dates for 2024 are as follows:

  • April 22-26
  • October 14-18

Winter Tips

During extremely cold weather, your home is susceptible to frozen pipes. Leave a faucet dripping to keep from freezing. Know where your water shut-off inside the house is and that it is in operating condition.

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Jason Hart
Department Superintendent
Phone: 810-387-3688

Department of Public Works
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113 W Mechanic Street
Yale, MI 48097

Phone: 810-387-3688
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Water Report

Most Recent Water Quality Report


High Water Bills?
Check for running toilets and water softeners. They are the primary cause for excess water usage. Check the digital read on the face of your inside water meter. If the number is changing, water is being used.
Rusty Water?
It is not uncommon to have rusty water when hydrant flushing occurs. Running  COLD water for 15-20 minutes will help clear your line. Record your beginning and ending water meter numbers,  you can call them into City Hall for a credit on your water bill.
Pool Fills Credit
Provide City Hall with a record of your beginning and ending meter numbers for a sewer credit on your water bill.